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The most powerful solution built to make client engagement, tracking, quoting, enrollment and follow-up simple and seamless.

MedicareCENTER is built to enhance the agent experience and provide every possible advantage. It combines a seamless integrated quoting and enrollment experience, a robust CRM system built specifically for Medicare agents, and a useful Learning Center filled with educational resources all into one simple, yet powerful platform. With all this PLUS single sign on access to Connecture, Sunfire, and all CSG Actuarial’s features in one centralized platform, MedicareCENTER gives agents an unprecedented competitive edge. They’ll be able to save time, work more efficiently, and maximize their earning potential. Discover how MedicareCENTER is changing the game. 

  • Built Specifically for Medicare Agents - Access powerful quoting and research features with the full suite of solutions available within MedicareCENTER.
  • Expanded Client Management - Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of your clients’ needs and history. Create better engagement, stronger relationships, and greater business with the improved CRM features.
  • All-in-one Universal Login - Say goodbye to separate logins. We bring all of your carriers to one place with scope of appointments, quoting, Rx drug lists, e-applications and more. One username, one password, one goal — keep it simple.
  • Integrated Quoting and Enrollment - Save time every step of the way by jumping straight from a client activity log or provider preference into a quote or SOA.
  • Health Risk Assessments - HRAs are available in MedicareCENTER for certain carriers.  Please call 800-852-7152 for details!
  • Personalized Enrollment Websites - every agent gets their own personalized CMS-compliant enrollment website.  Consumers can learn, shop, quote and enroll on your site.  When consumers enroll through your site you get paid!
Call Recording capabilities are now available in MedicareCENTER and include:
  • Inbound call recording, store and download solutions
  • Outbound call recording, store and download solutions
  • Call recordings storing for 10 years, as required by CMS
  • CMS-required scripting for the beginning of each prospect call
MedicareCENTER will be providing the way to meet CMS requirements — to make it easy for you!  To learn more about Call Recording in MedicareCENTER, reach out to your marketer today so we can make this upcoming AEP your best one yet!

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MedicareCENTER is available at NO COST to the agents and brokers of Western Marketing.

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